Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Highway of Holiness

Isaiah 35: 8
And a highway will be there,
a roadway,
And it will be called, " the highway
of holiness."

Jesus tells us, (Luke 13:24) "Strive to enter through the narrow gate". Those who enter the narrow gate, bear all things, hope all things, believe all things, and in the end, put others before themselves. Today's footstep, is to step upon the highway of holiness and walk the narrow way all the days that life offers.

~ Chris


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  2. Beautiful post dad! On a narrow road you can't drive like a crazy person and pass people, and you have to have faith that you wont fall off the cliff. So, it makes sense that God would use that as a metaphor...even ironically before vehicles were created by man. This reminds me of the road I was on in California, and that visual helps me to understand the message here. I love that Like quote too. =) Thanks!

    I had to delete the old post and re-write it because I accidentally wrote "on a narrow road you CAN drive like a crazy person" LOL. Obviously I had to change that!

  3. I'm not Judeo-Christian, but Iris DeMent sings a great version of the Carter Sister's "50 Miles of Elbow Room" -- worth a listen for her description of those gates.

  4. I'm smiling about what Amanda wrote here...
    Thank you Lord for the personalized greetings that help her slow down :)
    Nature has a beautiful way of painting the pictures that speak so many of His Words to us.
    The road of truth is narrow, but there is quite a grand opening at the end of it! Quiet prayer and meditation can open our eyes to get a glimpse of this view...
    Last night I watch a Nat Geo on the Hubble telescope... how amazing it all is...

    ~Knowledge is important, but Wisdom is divine~